L'émission consacrée aux groupes actuels de 50's Rock n Roll/Rockabilly/Rhythm n Blues et musiques assimilées.

Programation de l'émission N°22 du 10 avril 2017

Benny & The Flybyniters - Tell Me Pretty Baby

Alex Vargas - Burn Toast

Don Cavalli - Let's Live A Little

Coral Lee & The Silver Scream - Dancing The Night Away

Luis & The Wildfire - No More Days

Anita - Why Don't You Haul Off & Love Me

Marc & The Wild Ones - Stutterin Cindy

The Nymonics - Again And Again

Pat Mc Ginnis & His Three Stars - Don't Say You Love Me

Vince & The Sun Boppers - Dance With Sally

Ray Condo & His Ricochets - I Flipped

Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio - Feels Like I'm In Love

Rockin Rocket & The Snakehandlers - Wo You Think I Am

The Four Aces - Goin' Strong

Higway 51 - Hertache Juction

Ricky Fabian - Big Bang Boogie

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